I like you. I love you. You are my friend ...

what does it mean? what does anything mean? nothing. used to think they were blank cheques. found out they were like blank notes in a a bankrupt currency.

every service is a paid service. everything has a cost. u have to decide if the value it will add is worth what it will cost you. communication is an added cost-head. accounting is an added cost-head. reassurance is an added cost head. maintaining the server at ur end so that it is never down is an added cost head. plus the basic cost fo providing the services which you are offer.

all i have barter is words, and dreams, and hours. and reflections of lots of living. and a crazy whirl thats a souffle of laughter and bitterness and tears. what will a few words fetch?

i didnt say the words you put in my mouth. not today or ever. i couldnt have even thought of something so monumental. so why is it that time and again these very words come to your mind? where does it come from? guilt?

would i, ever, have sufficient courage and energy, to walk up to someone, face to face, and say whatever I had to say? this is wht you have done to me. this is what i didnt like. this is why i dont like it ... why cant i really fight? almost as soon as its begun a immense, freezing, paralysing blanket of ennui sweeps over me ... i cant say anything at all.

there's so much i wanted to tell you. theres so much i wanted to remind you off. and u say i argue like a lawyer? huh. yeah sure. i wish i could

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