there, where the sea gulls shreik in delight, where the waves murmer low voiced, where the wrens wander silent about, where clouds merrily cruise blue skies, where noone can reach you, where love cant question you: do you dare? where love cant betray you: i think its for the best. where friends dont use you and walk away to long term provisions, where love doesnt die: my time is done little girl. The end, is the common denominator. The death will come; ur world, ur love, ur dreams, will be washed away by the waves of time, like sandcastles built by a child. so whats the point?

sunset jam
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Why does the sun rises everyday, only to set again at the end? Come ... lets close the windows and the doors. We wont let anything in the sun, the moon, light, air, ideas, feelings, people, attachments. We will be safe. We will be hard and strong. Never love. Never hurt. Never play. Never lose. Never live. Never die

Its been so long since I first met you. I spoke your name and it became ur name. I called out to you and it was like the first words spoke. I grew, from a seed you tried to crush, to a vision painted by ur love. I grew out of you, ur imagination. I was urs: echo, ghost, shadow. ghost of a ghost. i wander about, half alive, half dead. i want to come with you, but still stay with them. i want to be with them, the living; and still stay true to you, my dead

The feelings: of being held in your arms; of falling asleep, holding on to your shirt; of burrowing into your shoulder, of your hands, holding mine; of yoru eyes, your tears, your laughter, you anger, your love, your practical jokes ... the feelings are slowly fading. Left behind, is an echo, a memories of memories, like a faintly darker shade of tan, on wet sand.

I am left with few fleeting seconds of your voice, your smile, your laughter and the dreamy look on your face as you talk about me (the last time that I heard you). And the last few words that you sent, across oceans, lands and continents. And a few odds and ends. And the old spidery letters. And birthday cards. I hold on to them.

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