The Great Cull

Cleaning the blog. Would like to select 10 of my fav posts and lose the rest! Would like to fix the broken music links for the OST'd posts. Would like to be the King of the World

Funny memory, when Barbie was a Baby, if you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she used to say, 'Ami? Ami Miss India hobe'. When I was a baby, if you asked me, I used to say 'I wanna be a The King'

Its a beautiful morning. Its blindingly bright outside. I am listening to Love you Hamesha and Red House, yes strange combination.

Yesterday was nice-trashy movie day. I saw Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (and weeped buckets over my beloved Ajay) - he is so perfect in that movie! Not just Ajay, Vanraj.

Then I saw my favourite movie, Main Hoon Na. Dont you love when Shah Rukh Khan flies in a Cycle Rickshaw with the fire racing behind him? Why not? You would have loved it if it was Pierce Brosnan! I loved it. And Ms. Sens voice when she says 'its allright'. And Shah Rukh Khan ... such style man! And the songs. And all the goody goody desh prem stuff I love to watch ;)

Next, Suryavansham. Its not just bcz its got Big B. I like the story. So while everyone at home sat and made fun, I shamelessly watched and wept away to glory.

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