to the Sea: this is where I wish I was, tonight

its almost dark
i can hear the waves roar and crash below me,
like a frustrated monster,
trapped on the shore
i watch out for those adjectives,
as someone, in some childhood 'quiz'
had once said "how u described the sea
was how u see life".

So, its dark.
No birds.
Many stars in the sky,
they shine tauntingly.

Theres a lighthouse, somewhere,
and black rocks, for the beach
Theres no soul, living, dead or inbetween

Theres a sharp, cutting wind
Its cold. The cold makes it feel clean, pure, cleansed

The wind is singing and laughing
Laughing at the each trembling, towering, inflated,
insurmountable, immense, human agony and flaw

The Giants of this moment,
Sand for the next.

Sad is funny
Funny is sad

Two sides,
of the same urban monster

U can hear ur thoughts in the foreground.
Against the backdrop of the sea-song

We'll-all fall-dead

Originally posted at Prerona

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