Is it Love? No, its Dove

When i fall in Love

Actually, that should probably be whenever, but nevermind that. ever wondered about the phenomenon of love, crushes, attraction, or even plain simple liking? why do we, on meeting a group of people we know nothing about, subconsciously feel we like a few better? Why do we sometimes feel attracted to someone, we may not even know from adam? Why does one fine day, a fleeting moment come, when a old, loved friend feel like something special?

Suddenly there's magic, in the air and you're acting confused when he's close to you! You dont even know the first thing about him, but the the first thing you do on entering a room is check if he's there. You've never even held her hand, but just seeing a mail from her makes you smile: love. Why?

Away from their influence, you rationalise, you argue, you resolve to never again. You talk to ur inner child, you explain, you scold, threaten, cajole: Inner child nods sagely and hangs head shamefacedly ... but the next time he looks in ur eyes, or once again, she smiles, everything goes out of control all over again. U'r heart races a wee bit faster. U feel a atleast little bit happier. Inside, ur singing & dancing & smiling

Everytime is like the first time. U feel even when u know ur not really feeling it. U do the most irrational and uncharecterstic things. It just doesnt make sense. I once decided a certain someone guy was a soul mate and I he is the one I will marry and have babies with, after talking to him on the phone for 20 mins. In a few days it had passed and logic prevailed, but at that moment it was really intense! If he had asked, I'd have done anything for him right then! U feel it even when u're in love without someone. Reminds me of a line from chinatown "You see, Mr. Gitts, most people never have to face the fact. At the right time and the right place, they're capable of ... anything!"

Is it Dove? Naah. I think, its just Dust. OST for post: "you asked me whether love you, and i choke on my reply. i'd rather hurt u honestly, than mislead you with a lie. but sometimes when we touch, the honesty's too much, and "

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