Betrayal and Guilt: Incomplete

it keeps coming up in literature, movies, myth, legend, every spinning and dancing of the human mind like a motif, like a recurrant theme: spiderman tells off beloved uncle who brought him up, in a fit of rage, uncle dies, spiderman lives on racked by eternal guilt;

someone loves you. you enjoy and savour that unique and exquisite feeling which wraps around you like a warm, soft, safe blanket: a security blanket. that feeling of 'safety' and 'security' that can only come from being loved unquestioningly and unconditionally by someone, they way most childrean are loved by their mothers. some men, by their women. u take them for granted. theres an exquisite feeling which you can't get from anything else in the world. u dont have to earn their love. u dont have to be nice to them u can be urself. u can be mean. u can be nasty. they'll take any thing from you bcz they 'love' you. they'll never stop. they'll never leave.

maybe u love them too. but they know it. u dont need to show it. you dont need to work. u take them for granted and get on with 'ur life': u have a life of ur own.

but one day they leave. or they die. and ur so bereft u just break with this realisation, which hits u for the first time, that lives cant be separate and people joined. ur life was them too, in part. their life was u, too. it hits u when its too late. u cant have ur own life, all of u, and have families too. U must choose. Choose now and pay later. For the rest of ur life.

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