Earthquake in Kashmir and Pakistan: Links to Aid sites

The death toll in Saturday's earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir has risen to 927, including 619 in Baramulla and 301 in Kupwara, the worst-affected frontier districts. The number of the injured has crossed 3,000 and 4,597 houses have been destroyed, as per official figures available till late Monday evening.

Not many volunteers in sight yet in Kashmir. You would have thought Kashmir, today, already had enough problems. You would have thought the world, today, had enough problems. It makes you want to cry and say please stop hurting my people anymore. How can people carry on the ancient inherited juvenile fights and argue that they deserved it? No 3 year old child deserves to die trapped under rubble for days, in the dark, alone because her grandfather belonged to a group of people who fought with another group of people. I dunno. I just know that its irrelevant. History is irrelevant Kashmir is irrelevant. How can you continue the Hindu/Muslim fight when you probably wouldnt even know one from the other if you saw them on the streets? Somewhere it reminds me of the child with two mothers, tugging at both ends for possesion - an old fable i had read somewhere, sometime. Corny? Yeah I know. Muddled? Probably. Back to objective and grown up, then.

If you want to help take a look at these sites through which you can donate online or via phone if you want:
action aid

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