You should've known better sweetheart

u should've known better sweetheart

the moon never comes alone
the moon brings along his friends
faded, jaded memories
tidily packed away

the wind never comes alone,
the wind brings its friends
forgotten feelings
from dreams and yesterdays

the rain never comes alone,
the rain brings her friends
songs in your head
mind distracted

love never comes alone
love brings along his friends
love never comes alone
doubt and misery. suspicion and jealousy

if u love you also hate
want to destroy and be destroyed
see him crashing to his knees
make him cry with tenderness

watch him smile when u tease
torture. then put at ease
push away. pull back
run away in sudden fear

it makes ur heart
but first it breaks ur heart
it makes u smile
it makes u fart

now, standing in the freezing wind
on the terrace, i stare at the moon
wondering if ill see u again
wondering if there'll be someone else

eternities run between two days
worlds tumble when i see ur face
everytime i close my eyes
i feel like i can see u smile
everytime i put down my head
feel like i hear u call my name

and yet, u r now gone, they say
a stranger unto me, my ways
i left u and walked away
yes. i remember. wont turn around and say
u should've known better sweetheart

and now u say i broke ur heart
and pushed down a stony path
and u always said u knew me so well
but yet u blved my restless feet ... u really shudv known better sweetheart

one of those devils that catch ur neck and wont let go till put down in words ... needs to be completed and finished and reworked. ironically, had atleast 3 non overlapping crushes at the back fo my head

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