Sweet dreams are made of this:

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's lookin' for somethin'.

Some of them want to use you.
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you.
Some of them want to be abused

an old song stirs up so many memories. how the heart clings to everything old. old memories. old friends. old books. old poems & journals. t-shirts. ashtrays. stuff toys. perfume bottles. greeting cards. photographs ... somewhere in linda goodmans love signs, a tattered copy of which i still have at home, which was carefully brought down and furtively & very seriously re-consulted, through the years, with every new childhood sweetheart, somewhere in that much loved (old) book, she says the Scorpio must try to overcome its tendency to make a scrapbook out of its life and live it. i wonder if its true? dont really care ... love reading her stuff cz i love the glorious picture she paints of Us!

had a nice weekend. rowed after ages on saturday. at the park. in an eight. went with all my library books and a list of errands - usually i just come home and crash in bed for the rest of the weekend and then none of the weekend work gets done, none of the outside work like paying bills and returning library books. no chance during the week as i leave home at 5am & get back after 9pm most days. they say the road to the bed is paved with good intentions, so i just came home and crashed in bed for the rest of the weekend. finally posted my sponsorship money from the 'race for life' - i dont blv i raised more than 300 pounds offline alone! i think i will cancel all my monthly donations now and only run races for my fav charities ;0) went for impromptu dinner party - lamb curry / rice at friends place on saturday night. walked back alone at 12:30. very exciting. but got blasted after i got home. cleaned the house on Sunday. watched my usual lot of movies. this weeks movies were Room Mates, Falling in Love, Shadow of Doubt, Beyond the Sea. Beyond the Sea was special, as it showed some of the shooting of my fav funny movie (Come September). Shadow of Doubt I didnt like that much. Falling in Love was cliched but sweet. Could watch ANYTHING with Streep. Realised for the first time that De Niro looks hideous while kissing. Room Mates, I fell in love with. It was very sweet! spent a couple of hours doing nothing, lying on the sofa, on my back, staring out at the sky out of the window, behind the new orange flowered plant. waited for darkness to come all the way home, before i got up and put on the table light. read someone special, and started steppenwolf.

Updated 'verse'. Kind of ...


  1. I like that song too. And I cling to the memories.. sometimes I wish we could go back... relive the good times and fix the bad ones.
    (wrote in my blog again... I didn't see it listed, but saw my poetry one.) =)


  2. lol! i remember reading linda goodman! it used to be like our bible :)

  3. rebecca - its been updated :)
    been really busy so couldnt go and visit for a while.

    pixel - yeah :)

  4. I have a bad memory but I cling to old memories.
    You weekends seem to be rocking!

  5. so how was this weekend? did it rock like the last one?

  6. and oh yes! i like reading linda goodman still. but you know what - say you donot know that u r reading for scorpio and then open some random page, you might think that it fits you too ;-) rather generalised.

  7. i want to know abt the orange colored plant? orange plant? please.