songs and bombs

It may seem to you that I'm acting confused
When you're close to me
If a tend to look dazed I've read it someplace
I've got cause to be
There's a name for it
There's a phrase that fits
But whatever the reason you do it for me

Listen to the song in your head. It might be trying to tell you something ...

Read about the blasts in London this morning, and thats all that Ive been hearing about. Its strange. Its really feels bad, doesnt it? Doesnt it?

Will be rowing on Saturday after ages. Lunch time run cancelled today. Am I sad? (Ahem ... )

Bought some music after ages of poverty ... "In Utero", and a book, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". It sure feels like rain today. Feels like a storm on a desert island. Feels dark reddish-purple. When we fall out of touchg with someone who we love very much, just like that, casually, it leaves a funny sort of emptyness that keeps pushing its head up. Best friends as a concept should be outlawed. Love is harmless. Its the friendships that kill you.

I was just thinking today ... my top five really scary songs:
1) two steps behind (sounds like a stalker)
2) imagine
3) blowing in the wind (its just so Fg cliched)
4) hotho se chhulo tum (jagjit singh - sab jita kiye mujhse,main hardam hi haara)
5) last christmas (semi-stalker-ish)


  1. Quite an interesting observation there!

  2. 'Love starts with friendship' Now that boundary seems as easy to cross as complicated it is ! [:)

  3. amtnme, maybe it does for you. i wouldnt know about that, sorry. anyway, thanks for dropping by. btw - u do realise, this post is from jan 2005!