the weekend vist

my father came over to visit me last weekend. i had been depressed before he came, bcz two days always feels like too little, but once he came we had a great time and i forgot about it. i went to glasgow to pick him up from the airport. he had been coming straight to edinburgh, but he missed his flight from manchester to edinburgh and had to come to glasgow instead. i was sure he wouldnt be able to find his way alone from glasgow to edinburgh, so i went over to pick him up. it was a mad rush. i came to know at 7pm. had to rush home to dump my gym things. then run from home to waverly, buy a ticket and literaaly run to the train and stumble in. luckily, a train was getting ready to leave just as i reached the platform pantin and i hopped in. reached glasgow at 10pm, ran to the buchanan street bus stn, got a bus to the airport. bus was empty. there was an old chatty driver in charge & we chatted like old friends all the way. he said his daughter lives in edinburgh. she's a doctor. when he suggests to her, he's not well & he might come over to edinburgh and stay with her for a few days, she tells him she will send him a prescription by post. he thought it was very sweet of me to come rushing to glasgow to pick up my dad on such short notice. i told him i hadnt seen my dad for the last 6 mths or so and then too for 2 days. and that id grown up seeing him on holidays. which made us all, as a family, value our time together a lot more. we were more friends than family. i reached the airport at 10:30. we took a bus and by the time we got back to the city centre, i knew we wouldnt be able to catch the last train back ... 11:30. so we parked ourselves at the busstop and waited for the next bus. we had to wait for one and half hours. the place was deserted. we sat on the floor in front of the coffee machine and chatted about everything. reached edinburgh at 1am. the whole of princes street was deserted but there were lights on inside waterstones and a long queue outside and lights in the castle across the road. it was for the release of the new harry potter. they had done up the castle as hogworths! it must have been wildly excited for the little potter-manics who visited. dadda thinks harry potter is a load of crp so we didnt spend much time discussing that! got home at 2 instead to a starkl empty fridge! had thought will busy some chicken on the way to airport but then he went and missed his flight. had a bad time explaining the logic behind my eating program. i live alone, so i buy everything into four. mondays i fast. weekends i eat out and go crazy! i have set menu which NEVER varies all week. it makes me feel secure having a set pattern to follow. over the next two days we cooked and ate the craziest things, went to every pub in town (or almost). got drunk. chatted till 4 am. watched sarkar. cried over our old, accepted problems. ranted against the unaccepted. laughed over old family jokes. talked about common concerns. its so nice to talk to him like this and also just to have someone i know in town to go out with and talk and laugh together with. it was a glorious weekend. we did so many little things that it would take for ever to catalog them all. we talked about my plans. rather my persistent dreams. he said i should really go for it. that he would be there for me, backing me. but i still dont know if i will ever have to guts to do it. go back now, in this old age, start all over again! we laughed over how ill be thirty this yr! its spooky thinking about it. i still feel thriteen at times. he left on monday, early in the morning. i dropped him to the airport and came to work after. worked in a daze. was half asleep. good thing just had some fairly mechanical stuff to do. not that ANYTHING i have to do at work can be called anything but. i feel at times like i studied architecture to become a tea boy on a building site. or whatever. i dunno. i guess its ok, this is what everyone does and id probably be cribbing whatever i did. i HATE application programming. always did. anyway, i was half asleep. skipped rowing in the evening. but im going out in an eight this saturday. its been a long while. im looking forward to it! its back to the grind. gym, french, work, rowing, and empty rooms with just my music and my books for company. teetotally boring. but not so bad after all. it could be much worse. im reading tender is the night. f. scitt fitzgerald. its good till now. these i cant read everything. once i could even ANYTHING. in india, we have paper packets made out of old newspapers. i have even read those in emergencies ... if u know what i mean. its like a smokers thing. addictive reading on the pot. but these days i cant read something unless i like it. definitely i can no longer even bear to listen to music i dont like. i think im getting cranky :)


  1. So you had gala time, eh? Cool!

    And you will be thirty soon, are showing signe of crankiness, dont read as much (or as many) as used to! Hesitating to start afresh?? Welcome to the neighborhood. Sometimes life becomes easy - boring but easy - and you just dont want to disturb it :-(

  2. loved the post Ricer. yes the big 30 can be scary, spooky, freaky and then tis okay again. no? :) i feel like 15 myself and i guess that shows more than the chronological years.

    two days with dad, and having SUCH a week, work, any work will seem routine. it did sound wonderful.

    signs of times - i think am becoming too crankily thirtish too. 7 days and 2 people have told me that i have become more and more judgemental and assertive. also, i cannot bear to listen to music i donot like. ditto for books and all things i love doing. would rather spend time alone than with some chatty kids.

    sad huh?

  3. That was a lovely post. Funnily,I am beginning to have a little more tolerance for music I don't like. I think it's due to listening to all kinds of crap on FM when I am driving.


  4. I liked your post hun. Don't worry about being cranky or feeling it. :) I see you haven't changed my link. It's ok. I have a new poem, the link is on my blog... along with rather depressing posts so you might want to just skip them.

  5. squared, yes had fun! the 30 barrier looms large in the horizon - yup! i didnt say i dont read as much as before, i still read almost all the time that im free + awake. what i meant was that before id read anything - even if i didnt like it that much, id read it through. now i read only stuff i like & ditch the rest. ditto with music. changes ... its a choice between the known and tedious on one hand and the unknown and exciting on the other. its a bit like leaving a boring mate uve been with forever and running off with someone thrilling ... one of those things often dreamed off but more rarely carried out ;@)

  6. parna, thanks sweetie. responsibilties, ticking body clocks ... and most of all, those dreams u put away on the back shelves, labelled someday in the future ... time running out for the future. someday is closer than ever. The next big Age after 18, i guess. feels like its gonna be 'my life', part 3. ;@)

    two days with dad were wonderful, great, fast.
    maybe its not so sad, parna. one day ill have a dangerous typo with ur name, btw. maybe its good to judge - why sit on the fence forever. maybe its good we've become choosy. we've experimented, tried a lot of diff stuff, been there, done that, now we have narrowed down the choices and we know more abt ourselves and what we like & what w r like??? maybe ... :#)

  7. birdonthewire thanks :) i just switch off the radio if they come up with something too new age, or RAP. cant take. even walked out of a shop i was browsing in once cz the music was driving me nuts. maybe its bcz i dont drive here :)

  8. Rebecca been forever! Yes I didnt update it. I was following it from teh comment. i dont know ... its been so crazy lately! put it into my feed reader now. i loved the poem. i dont mind depressing posts of ur kind babes - ur words are too beautiful to skip. too much cheerfulness scares me a bit these days ;)

  9. well i was here.
    life is surprising thts all i'd like to say; now dont you dare turn around and ask "how?"

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  11. Such a lovely post! I was wondering whether you were talking about your dad! So much fun!! I can never think of drinking till 4am with my dad.
    And life seems to be getting fuller. Great! Trust me, it's rocking to be 30!!

  12. austere why surprised? still wondering!

    anz hi. welcome. left a comment on ur site.

    anumita thanks sweety. yeah dads all come in diff flavours :)
    im sure it will be rocking but its just big and different! scary :)