Sun and Sand

This has been a really different trip. We have hardly been home sinc I got here. Planning a trip to the Hajaar mountains soon. That should be fun. Have been wanting to write for a while, but didnt know what to write about - as usual, you rn out of things to wax on about which would not involve anything you wouldnt mind people knowing about.

Saw 'In her Shoes' (lovely) and Must love Dogs (not just bcz he was in it). Reading the History of Philosophy and someone's thesis on something which is fascinating. Went to the beach almost every evening. Took lovely pictures, but cant access Flickr! Will put up soon. Had a photoshoot with Panda the Bitch. Went to an open air lounge / disc kind of place last night - lovely Mojito's - crappy place.

I am finally planning to go on a desert safari. cant beleive I have never been in all these years. I think it would be lovely to go to the mountains, or the desert, or the sea, all alone, at night, and just stay there. Here, in Dibba, I live so close to all three but never done it yet.

A friend husband had a close brush. Some problem with his heart - life style related. Gave me a scare. So many of us these days with drinking as their only leisure activity. I hate it. Have put on tonnes of weight. Will have to start working on it soon. Went shopping but just ended up buying makeup. So whats new. I love make up but 50 percent of the time I cant be bothered to use it and 50 percent of the time I go overboard and make up for the lost time.

Thats it for now. Limited net time - so will be posting less for a while. Saw Doors again, btw and listening to more Phish and Vanilla Sky.

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