Stranger in the Mirror

Still no net access, but I am getting there. The house is almost settled, though it still feels strange at times, like staying over at someone else's house. Have friends, but havent been able to get in touch with anyone as such, so no social life, which is great! Will be a awhile before I settle down with a connection at home, so will be likely to write a lot of rubbish till then, as whatever I write will be in a hurry - so if ur reading, make allowances. My favourite part about living at home though is definitely the terrace. I dont beleive I havent been to Roxy yet. Funny how things change. Underlining everymoment is a feeling of excitement: 'I'm getting there'. I am figuring it out. Every day, every moment, I am understanding a bit more, I am understanding a bit better. I am making a connection with Her. I am making my peace with Her. I am learning to accept Her and stand up to her. I am learning to live with her, warts and all. I am learning to look her in the eye and hold her gaze, as I stare at her in the mirror. She is as elusive and Chamelion to me as to you.

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