Lost in a Moment

The whole place has changed, at various levels. The 'new building' spawned 3 newer buildings, each with one huge glass fronted side looking out on to the water. For a while, it feels like its working. Feels like ages since I wore a Salwar-Kameez to work. Feels good. Graceful. Powerful. In some subtle way.

I am free, yet trapped, reportable. The endless empty hours that drive most people crazy are like welcome rain on thirsty dry ground. I could spend days just staring out onto the silver mirrored water, and the grey blue sky look back and forth at each other.

Every now and then a stray bird flies across the view. In one corner there's a thatched hut floating on the water.

At home, the new wind chimes are up and sound lovely in the thunderstorm season. Its that time of the year, when I remember why I lovely this city, why I love her madly.

Alone in a corner of the terrace it looks the like the whole world has come to a standstill. Every so often thunder grumbles like Gods laughing and lightning flashes across like leaks of merriment from some secret astral carnival.

Avishkar was closing down. There, on the last day, I found a lovely photograph and I brought it back hoem with me me. Also, all those people who make Calcutta 'Cal'. Shabby clothes, Smudged deep kohl. Ancient, weathered and battered Longines and Piagets wristed. The dispossed. With their impeccable dictions. And sterling upbringing. And the magic ingredient: the perfect background. They who were driven out so easily and casually from their Saturday morning Golf and Sunday family tea routines from DI then Tolly then the city.

Back at work, its lovely to be mindlessly free. Watching water birds swooping down to unseen fish in unseen depths. You close you eyes without shutting them and let your mind drift free. Like trapped animal let loose, it leaps, runs and soars. For a while time stops. You are not headed anywhere, it doesnt matter where. There is no deadline. No clock ticking seconds left to 'make it'. Achievements. Rankings. Money. Power Performance Acceptance. Everything falls away from you for a moment.

Then the moment is gone.


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