Is where the heart is, they say. In Dubai after ages. Been hectic last few days. Havent slept more than a few hours at a stretch since last thursday. But eating and drinking with a vengence. Had Shworma tonight :)

Listening to the Trainspotting OST. Sorted all my mp3's on the flight. The trip from Edinburgh to Calcutta was a nightmare but the trip from Calcutta to Dubai was a dream! The difference between a company sponsered trip and a Dad sponsored trip ;)

Panda, the new dog, is a terror, but adorable! Mom is mom and Dad is a darling. My Barbie Doll is as fun as ever. Good to be here, if you dont miss there

It still hasnt sunk in that I have left there for good. My house, the little lane, the cobbled streets, the blue skies and the people. I miss the friends I had made.

No decent net connection, so more later.

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