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Top 5 Memories -

4 years ago, Jinx and I, making the Best Friends pact

5 years ago, first day of work at T, Kolkata

7 years ago, my first day at T, Pune

8 years ago, valentines day

10 years ago, first day at Fergie

12 year ago, Moju's little talk before I.C.S.E ('u've got potential, kid' she had tears in her eyes, i'll never forget)

5 yummy things -

a good steak,
raspberry conserve,
good coffee,
daal bati,
chingri machher malaikari

songs I know by heart -
tonnes! too many to list. a selection:

final cut
like a virgin
amaro porano jaha chaye
ek din aap
zindagi se bari ...
feeling love

right now - i hope that i dont fall in love with you
i'm not in love
wherever you may go
resting here with me

actually, most of floyd, queen, hemanta, few rabindra sangeet, some metallica, most def lep, some tull, some deep p, some cohen, some JC some dylan most of 'hamara bachpan' music - madonna, wham, thriller, pet shop boys, beach boys, lucky ali, etc

5 things I'd do if I had a lot of money -

go back to studying
buy a house
become thin
give the rest away

5 places I escape to -

The Loo,
Ad's place,
Big Libraries

5 things I'd never wear -

most jewellery
hippy clothes
frilly, girly clothes
short kurta and jeans

5 favourite TV shows -

Forgot the name - used to come on Star Plus - indopak collaboration (had the song by raju singh - Dekhiye toh lagta hain ...)
Thora hain, thore ki
Pride & Predjudice

5 things I enjoy doing -


Favourite toys -

the kitchen,
the comp,
the phone,
the mirror,
and random electrical gadget around the house.

5 peeple to tag -


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