very long week. but didnt even see it as it passed. the festival is here. was supposed to go for something yesterday but couldnt make it. another week of 5am to 9pm. everything is blowing up everywhere. will have to come in tomorrow. im looking forward to the coming week. a bit embarressing. but atleast it should be quiet.

with the long heads season coming rowing will be something to look forward to! the festival will be amazing. am i lucky to be here this time of the year. u bet! im so excited!

saw an exquisite suit at Zaara. I will buy it. Havent bought a new outfit in ages! I think I finally 'see that I'm like all the rest''. (pom - beg ur pardon sweetie - wherever u are).

really looking forward to a long weekend of less work and more sleep! Will go out one night atleast. Will treat myself to a good steak and some good whiskey. I havent been out since dad left and that was some weeks. And its been a lousy 2 weeks. Its just when I met that guy at the makepovertyhistory that I realised I am in danger of becoming a hermit - whose idea of excitement was a 5K sponsored race!

By the way, remember my race, I raised the highest sponsorship amount in my team. And I think my time wasnt that bad for my first. So Im actually very proud of it :)
Doing a 10K next. Coming up.

It was raining from the first
And I was dying there of thirst
So I came in here
And your long-time curse hurts
But what's worse
Is this pain in here
I can't stay in here
Ain't it clear that
I just don't fit
Yes, I believe it's time for us to quit
And when we meet again
Introduced as friends
Please don't let on that you knew me when
I was hungry and it was your world.


  1. you row, eh? awesome to know that. you also like steak and whisky? impressive. a vegetarian but i admire a woman who likes steak and whisky. way to go. smile, life can be nice. people can be nice. not everything has to be like the past was. i'm learning it. i hope i can convince you about the same. am i being presumptuous? if so, i apologise. thank you for visiting my blog. write. dopppsy.

  2. I always say too much work is always better than no work. And a blog which talks of busy times is always a better read than blogs that talk of having nothing to do at all! Also it makes me envious :)

  3. un..c...s..rily intense...i don't know just threw it in there. not everything has to make sense...

  4. dopppsy, this is very interesting. i wish id known earlier it could be so easy to inspire awe ;@) ur welcome. shall visit oftener if you write more & vice versa

    anumita, too much work is always better than no work, ur right! thanks :)