My favourite writers

There are many people who write but of all the blogs I have read till now there are three writers who I really love to read (apart, of course from my fav - pogie)anytime, everytime, eachtime. I wrote a lot of things but then I deleted it all. Sometimes I just run out of words.

Met a girl at the body shop yesterday who said she loved India and Shah Rukh Khan. She said she had gone and lived in Madras for a long time. Told her something weird - dunno - a slip? Not freudan I hope?

Reading Steppenwold atlast. Have had it forever but have been putting it off as I was scared of the big depression descending.

On my wanted list - trying to get hold of The Book Against God and some other books. Have it in my basket in amazon but never checked out. Somehow ran up a bill of almost 70 pounds and Im at my brokest this month. Phone bills mostly. As usual.

TGIF again. Looking forward to 2 days of sheer blissful blank. Toying with the idea of North Berwick this weekend. Or, I might go and finally check out what happening at the festival.

At somepoint I have to start thinking of certifications again. Need to choose from FPC 2, oracle or Java. Dont wanna do any of that though, which I makes it that much more exciting to look forward to.


  1. don't leave a stupid comment for the sake of fukking leaving one. ubermaniam

  2. The only thing I stole from my father was a fleeting glimpse. - Jeff Buckley

    Nice no?