Guess I'm going through Changes

trying out something here. the old blog has moved (back) to again :) bear with me ... gypsy feet. I dont know (my favourite sentence). I was kind of spring cleaning. Read a LOT of old posts. Felt surreal. Have you ever met people and then totally forgotten about them, and then suddenly bumped into some stored recollection of them in some dusty corner of you mind, while looking for something else? I found some old selves. Had I really been that excited about reading red tails in love a year or so back? that bitter after the appraisals a month or so back. Guess in some ways the way I am is so fleeting that i lose track of all the me's i pass through. Why the sudden change? What do you do when you get to the end? u start again, right? I feel like I've run out of words. Run out of things to say. Like we hope at times, that changing something outside will change something inside, Im hoping that changing the blog will change the words inside it. Having said all that, I might change my mind tomorrow. Change is such hard work.

Its beautiful weather here right now. Not too cold. Not too warm. It rains, but only at night. I sit on the floor, by the window and watch.

Finally saw Chokher Bali on Sunday. Also saw, in one sitting: Kaal, Dhoom, Dil Malamaal, Chokher Bali, Blue Velvet, Silkwood and a old Harry Potter. The problem with online rental in the UK is the stock is much less than netflix or something like that so, what usually happens is you have about 300 movies in queue and u dont think too much about the last 100 or so cz u it feels like forever before u'll get to them, but everything in the first lot is invariably out of stock and you get something totally unpredictable. Wanna buy HOURS, though. And Motorcycle Diaries

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