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Total number of books owned:
Very tough question! I really dont know ...

Last book(s) I bought:
Have stopped buying books. I do love my mom (and she threatens to disown me if I send another carton to 'her house'. I can resume buying only when I stop 'gypsy-living' and get a 'proper' life.

Five books that I have really enjoyed or have influenced me:

Influenced: The Little Princess, Steppenwolf, The Hours, A Beautiful Mind, Atlas Shrugged (:D at that time - i was a kid) ...

Identified with: Mill on the Floss, Steppenwolf, God of Small Things, Of Human Bondage, Iron in the Soul.

Henry and June (and the movie - yes I know i keep harping about H&J&N on the blog),
Mrs. Dalloway (changed something - many things - i dont know how to describe it),
The Little Prince (so many lessons),
The End of the Affair (mindblowing how he can write so well, from inside a woman's mind),
The Old Man and the Sea, (what can I say :))
Love and other Demons (i dislike marquez - drama and verbosity - but i liked this story),
The Strike ("the twin female desire to show and hide" :D again i have harped on this often on the blog - loved the way it was narrated - it was a masterpiece for me),
An Equal Music (I forget why I liked it - but I remember I did - like many people, no?),
Kite Runner (beautiful, haunting and sad. my eyes hurt from crying after it finished)
The Glass Palace (the detailing, the rowing - hated the end).

Sorry! I strayed from the exact question in the tag. Deliciously difficult :)

Book(s) I'm currently reading:
Tropic of Capricorn, Anna Karenina, On the Road, The Masqueraders

Books I plan to buy next I really want this one, but can't afford it right now: Letters from Iceland, by Auden The guy reads from it in Away from Her, which was one of the most impressive and personally, moving movies I have seen in a while (since cinema paradiso, and le choristers ... and for the same reasons :)) Anyway, after that I'm going to buy this! :)

Books that caught my attention but have never read
Mostly Bangla. I cant read Bangla too well. Have only read a few untranslated. I want to read many of those. Starting with Sanchaita, the rest of Samaresh Mojumdar and Sarat Chandra. SHANKAR!!! I dont know how I missed him! Always loved Chowranghee, didnt know it was by him!

Also, Letters from Iceland, right now.

Books I own but have never got around to reading
Quite a few, actually! Since I dont stay at "home", I have often bought books when there but then had to come back before I could read them!

Every once in a while there is a book I just "cant" read. I keep trying but it doesnt work. And funnily enough, some time in the future I come across it again, and I not only "can", I love it! One, Steppenwolf, Anna K, Zen and ... all fall in this category. I have a theory about it (like I do about everything else) :D

I tag The Austere, Prometheus, Sri Ramana, Manu, Peggy, Me, Prometheus, Austere, Ph, Hyde (doesnt do tags, though) and anyone else it looks interesting to :)


  1. Right you are, I don't do tags unless I can fit them somewhere. There is a yearly tag on books called "You cannot judge a book by its author". Wait for it every January. ;-)

  2. The Glass Palace is amazing. I would reccomend that you try his "A Hungry Tide". If you have roots across both sides of the border you will enjoy it.

  3. hehe.. that takes care of a post :D

  4. Prometheus, Thanks :)

    Vatsala, I'm sirry I fooled around with the format, though! :)

    Manuscrypts, enjoy! lol :)

  5. lil princess.... sara crewe???

  6. Ohhh you're as bad as I am. I could open a library with the books I have here and in the US in storage.

    I have also read Of Human Bondage. As an eBook. Oh yes, I had forgotten all the eBooks I own too...

    You might be fascinated by Orwell's Down and Out in Londn and Paris.

    Wait, I must not recommend any to you. I found a discount bookshop near my office and although already 20 books behind, in the past two weeks I have bought about 6 or 7 books! Ahhh! My mother will kill me if she finds out I have bought books since her ban last year!

  7. Me, yup :)

    Olivia, will check out Orwell's Down and Out in Londn and Paris. Thanks for the recco :)

  8. awesome. i'm glad! will look it up :)