arthurs seat in the morning

following my bliss, i landed up hear
heaven must be a place like this

sun is warm on my back
the wind swims in my hair

around me the mountains soar
my arms stained green with grass blood

beneath me, you are solid as a rock
on you, i could float my wildest dreams

together, we could reach the skies
show them how life could be lived

my beautiful. my grand. my city gorgeous
your old cobbled streets, your sudden mountains

silver lakes, tucked into corners ...
yes, you are a mad god's dream

i could'nt even stop staring at you. spellbound. dont release me.
edinburgh, you'll never know how much you mean to me.


  1. Beautiful... really is. I couldn't help smile at "grass blood". S'pose I have never heard that before... What a tribute!

  2. lol. yes. i remember when that first came to my head. i was amused too :)