quietly by the water

the beast is a quiet desperation.
secret, silent, stealthy.

you are opaque.
a cage.

inside, he paces restless.
he screams, hurls himself on the wall.

outside is a pool.
quiet. mirrored.

once in a while, a wave shakes the surface.
could be the wind. perhaps? then all is calm.

words are ripples on the water.
twin edged. disguised.

the flowers on the water's edge
are learning to pretend. pretty masks of paper and wood.

on the other side of the mountain, is unreachable,
now. a yesterday. a way of life. gone.

inside the beasts heart is freezing
he hates your naiive little joys

make no mistake. the beast wants you dead.
the beast has no logic. he wants the world to end.

the sky is blue. the sun is warm
everything. so far away.

the ground is a bed. a bed of knives.
the knife is knowing what you want.

desire is wing broken bird.
a weaver. spins stupid dreams of love.

steel are the bars of the cage
rock hard impotence, made of fear.

ambition is a dream of freedom for the beast.
if the cage could be leaped, he could be calm and strong.


  1. Reading this reminds me of Sad but True by Metallica.

    As always, it is beautiful!

  2. Its haunting.. and dark.. Took me a couple of reads to fathom!!

    Great writing..

  3. "words are ripples on the water.
    twin edged. disguised."

    Nice. Very nice. Sort of fits in with my own growing disappointment of how far our ambitions can take us.

  4. Nice of you to drop by. Feels good to be back after so long.

    You see the past month the love of my life- my laptop, died on me.

  5. Pilgrim, really? Interesting :)
    Thank you. Am glad you liked it (even though it might have reminded you of someone else's work :P)
    Just kidding - thanks :)

    Musings, thank you :). I apprreciate your taking the time to give it a couple of readings :)

    Sayak, thank you! I really liked your last post too. Excellent! Have gone around telling everyone about how wonderfully you write - I hope you will not mind?

    I really wonder how far our ambitions can take us?

    Prometheus_Unbound, Nice to read you again! Glad your love is back!

  6. wow- that blew me away. will read it again after dark and hope it won't scare me.

  7. eeeeee :D !!! i liked that comment! thank you sweetie :)

  8. What I meant was, it was of the highest quality in terms of both it being dark, haunting and with so much meaning when I said it reminded me of Sad but True.

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  10. It is spooky. You write this way and you talk of others stirring up dangerous feelings.

    Are you real? You make me want to quote Tagore,

    "Poreche Tomar upor prodipto bashona,
    Adhek manobi tumi, Ardhek kalpona". :)

  11. The Pilgrim, thanks kiddo :)

    Ram, :)
    Where have you been!
    Not seen you here in ages :D

  12. what can I say ... that's the headiest compliment I have ever received :D

    You made my Day!

  13. Beautiful Poem!! Your words are few, but make a strong impact!

    Baato.n mei.n dosti ka amrit, siine mei.n zahar nafrato.n ka
    Parbat pe phool khil rahe hai.n baitha hai gaar mei.n darinda
    [Tarqash - Javed Akhtar]

  14. thanks so much sigma :)
    thats a lovely one by Javed Akhtar
    though I would have said maybe "kissi dost ki, dosti se khaffa hun. kissi chaand ki chandi se khafa hun ... " etc, would have been closer to home

    and then for the prev post "na jaga huya hun, na soya huya hun. main dil ke andhere mein khoya huya hun"


    lol. sorry - just horsing around. dont take me seriously. thats what rereading this poem reminded me off!

  15. Perfect with rum and coke :)..Are you Bengali?

  16. thank you :)
    yes ma'am. guilty as charged!

  17. wow...awesome. u've got to give me a extended course on writing poetry. cos that just blew me over, made any great poet look like novices. seriously ricecar....that was way too brilliant. i think even bob dylan would not have thought of that.. :P.
    (btw, thanks for the comment)

  18. Just Interesting :?

    Do u still have the ear;ier Gmail id?

  19. "just"? :) no i am unidentifiable :D keno?

  20. well, feel kinda sheepish to post comments on blog, or to reply to comments.

    Well as you wish. Maybe anonymous is best.

    P.S. Though would love to have a mail id, or rather femail id in this case :P

  21. Ohhhh. I think I have this thing for distinguishing my brethren from the crowd. Hehehe. It has something to do with exemplary writing I think :)

  22. you do write v well .. v thoughtful ..

  23. Wow.... you have now got the midas touch... all your posts of late have the magic touch. Is the Edinburgh summer working its own wonders?

  24. Cloud minus Nine, thank you! I dont deserve such high praise :)


    Prometheus_Unbound, have replied on your blog :)

    LostLittleGirl, well whatever you have its working!

    Thank you :)

    San, you are thoughtful bcz after so many years you have realised I do write well? lol. Just kidding. Thanks sweetie. Havent spoken to you in a while - how are you?

    Sudipta, all, or just these two? Thank you :)

  25. Hi,Prero,Just wondering whether the beast is for real,or,is it the 'be(a)st' in all of us,aching to surface?

  26. thank you my sweet! whats with the *little action markers*, though! cant say i like them overmuch :)

    Amit, the beauty of poetry is that it means what you, the reader, wants it to mean :D

  27. Could you just tinker with your font colours. Its knda hard to read.

  28. but who says everything has to be easy? :)

  29. sounds like the epitaph of a scorpio

  30. Prometheus, what do you suggest? maybe yellow and orange?

    lol. ok. pardon my sense of humour - its bizzare & obscure

    me, does it? do you belive in astrology? what are scorpio's like?

  31. n im too much o a skeptic to believe in it.... n much too curious to let it go without delving in it...:)... does that make sense??

  32. me. Preroma: Come on you shouldn't believe this astrology stuff. We Scorpio's are supposed to be free from superstitions and prejudices. :P

    Prerona: Yellow or orange stands out, but may not suit the clour of your blog. Thought about changing the background colour to a deeper jet black?

    And, what do you think the Mirror's about? I guess any story holds unique meaning as every reader chooses to see a different meaning in it.

  33. Hi

    Glad you dropped by - and have been keeping half an eye on my blog.

    Lovely poem. Such a shame I'm such a late arrival to read it. All the good comments have been taken.

    Look forward to the next one.

  34. Prometheus, 'mirror' was beautiful. Congrats! I didnt realise you had meant 'mirror' as a "story"!

    Roger, lol @ that. You really brightened my day with that comment about all the good ones being taken. Well, ofcourse I have been keeping an eye on ur space - I like your poems - rare as they are :D

  35. Beautiful... Enjoyed the back and forth between the beast and all else.