Spiralling down, To the hole in the ground

strangely and suddenly, hit by a great big pang of missing you
and yet, thinking of you makes me smile
cold as you were, old as you were, crumbling, dated and
casually resplendant, you were.
just like her ...

a beauty that goes beyond appearances, or adornments
or logic, even
a beauty made of the quality of a smile
the look in a eye. a mood. a thought
a feelting distant glance. a blush
one eyebrow: going up slowly, and then shooting up fast
an attitude. i miss u

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... and a freedom
an invisibilty
that came with being with you
because younever cared anyway
i could live or die,
or weep at night
at will
or whim
or fancy

and the trembling adoration
the worship
the devotion
the awestruck silent admiration
quiet, respectful, in the
dark mornings
in the early night
in the shining golden noontime

and now i have her instead
we love and are loved back in return
like you she is beautiful
and yet, i miss u

thats why, i had been so scared
thats why i had wanted to keep my heart,
and home, and roots
whole, and give it in one piece
now, fragmented, and scattered
along the road, on the way (and what a way)
all it does is weeps
there's always someone to miss
a home for which i'm sick

i see her in the morning
her streets are smudged, like freshly drawn ink
there's an haze of smoke, every morning
denser in the distance, and then slowly fading in
her people, rich and poor, smile
happy, full; they know that there is more
i was happy in her, with her
now once again i'm torn

today, i missed you in the morning

ur streets that glittered with frost
the silence,
that echoed as i ran down them
the cold that cleansed, and made penance
the bright of the flowers
the flow of the waters
the dark of the greens
and the smiles. naiive. unknown.
painfully innocent.
sweetly arrogant.
they dont know. there is more.

still, i miss you.

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