Knife, Cuts like A ...

Today, missing you was like a storm
Drifting, Floating, Aimlessly
Down the wet streets of your city
Like a crushed, orphaned paper bag
In a rain-swollen sewer, by the roadside

When it comes, when you call
I slip away like a drop of water
Fading in the evening breeze
Leaving just a fleeting feeling of coolth
Behind, around me

It will be a year soon
12 months
and I still dont want to live
What more is there to live for
Without you, I am gone

I dont want to come back to life
I dont want to re begin
I dont want to let go
The monsters, the nightmares, the seizures, the memories
They're all I have left of you
As even the photographs, in sepia and black and white, yellow and grow old

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