I'm not a huge fan of Monet, but I loved the light in this one. It reminded me of a girl getting slowly drunk on Washington bridge, trying to muster courage to jump. it never fails to amaze me that such a difficult option is considered taking the easy way out. is not submitting to forced humiliation, failure, boredom and in quiet desperation easier? to surrender to whatever pure coincidence has assigned as your lot and to bear it - day after day after day. to come back to the girl, she slipped on the railing and fell on the road, to be hit by a car. ironically, my biggest nightmare. and even more ironic the day i ended up seeing the movie. what is life but a series of bizarre coincidences.

The Edinburgh gallery is probably the opposite of the big gallery in Paris (who's name escapes my spotless mind). It is small but every piece is worthy of it's place. Here's two more that I am captivated by this week:



This weekend or the coming week, I go to see this. Been looking forward to it for ages!


  1. Loved the first one.

    I guess it's called an easy way out, because it's one of the few 'choices' for which you don't have to pay! Someone else may have to pay. The execution itself may be painful, but it's not the kind of pain that can be compared to that which one has to endure for the whole life. For if that latter were bearable, why would anyone contemplate the former?


  2. indeed. then it boils down to balance between feelings of others and self?

    which in turn opens a whole other can of worms :-)

    about the painting, it amazed me how he captured the sense of magic about a storm at night on sea (delicately suspended mid-air between fear and thrill)

  3. I like the Monet and the fireworks photos. Maybe next summer will be Edinburgh!

  4. Why do I think I read about Monet in one of Alexander McCall Smith's books. More than one, even. By now you'd know I'm a big fan :). He makes me want to come check out Edinburgh.


  5. kausam, next summer!!! i dont think i will here till then, as you know :(

    but edinburgh will :-)

    amit, there's something very reassuring about his books, about the world he portrays i think! Edinburgh is the most beautiful place on earth (but i'm biased :-))