i went, i saw and i was conquered

after mch skepticsm, finally stepped into the surreal world of modern art! despite neophyte-shoe-bites, struck by 3 dalis, 1 eluard & 2 earnst. the symmetrical division of the canvas in miro's "TĂȘte de Paysan Catalan" was interesting, but most of all i was captivated by dali works above. it seems so ridiculous now that i went all the way to girona but didnt see the dali museum. even more, though the exhibition was at the dean gallery, most the paintings i loved were from the modern art museum across the road (and i might have seen it for free any of these past many years - if not for my fear of modern art!)

i'd held on to the conviction that modern art is ugly and i wont like it. more, that it is abstruse and i wont 'get' it. characteristically, i arrived at, and held on to, these superstitions without looking into any modern art. however, what i discovered was that modern art adds the dimension of thought and interpretation to a random work of art. like the ugly blob which showed a fossil, with an eye stuck in it, it tells a story.

apparently, i have been converted!


  1. i am not yet converted. :-) Think I have to experience it myself.

  2. i totally sympathise with your reserve, because i was so skeptical about it myself! and yes you have to physically see it!

    before i saw gaudi, i was so determined to dislike! even when i saw his cathedral, it took the only living person who can bring me out of my stubborn determination to relax a wee bit. but it was only when i very reluctantly went to see casa batllo that i actually fell in love with it! it was like magic! but the interesting thing is even in my own photos i could not recapture the magic later. maybe it just doesnt work in reproduction.