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About five years ago, someone had sung me a song over the telephone. He had heard it on the radio while passing through a shop. Inspite of the fleeting aquaintance, it had stayed behind in his mind; perhaps because he thought he knew all of Guru's songs, however obscure, and was surprised at a new discovery. I too, fell in love with the song instantly and it stayed in my head. From time to time I would search for it, wherever I could think of. After all these years, I finally found the song ...

Its strange how somethings can pass through your mind, your life, so fleetingly, and leave footprints so permanent. If I close my eyes I can still hear the song in my head, feel all the feelings: the sun, the rain, the hills, the echos, the vada pav. Maybe, its enough. In some strange way, having found the song and being able to hear it again, physically, did not take my enjoyment of it significantly higher than what I got from having it play constantly in my head.

As always memories come with ghalib, or ghalib with memories. time and rust makes my memories fuzzy and i mix up and misquote him in my head. dair nahin, haram nahin,
dar nahin, aastan nahin. baithe hain reh guzar pe hum. gair hamein uthaye kyon? rahi na taquat e guftaar, aur agar ho bhi, toh kis umeed pein kahiye ki, aarzoo kya hain. jala hain jism, toh jigar bhi jal gaya hoga. khured te ho, jo ab raakh, arzoo kya hain. huyi muddat ki ghalib mar gaya, per yaad aata hain, woh har ek baat pein kehna ki yun hota, toh kya hota.

Its been a while since I heard jagjit singh or mehdi hassan or ghulam ali. i feel like listening to 'mujhe tum nazar se', but again i cant ever find the song.

I finally saw Fanaa. It was showing on cable. I couldnt get over how much they went on and on about. My poor Sanju Baba, didnt get anything! Maybe they started of for Guru and went on, on momentum!

I want to see The movie, Yun Hota toh Kya hota, Corporate, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Pyar ka Side Effects and Double Entry ... Ajay, Saif, Viveck, Rahul Bose & Rajat Kapur ... what more can you want from life ;0)

I was thinking today that every male, bollywood actor I have ever had a crush on, except sanju, started out as a guy no one likes and everyone says 'yuck! y do u like him?' ... but then they make it and suddenly everyone likes him! By which point usually I dont like him that much anymore. Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan, Dushman, Rajat Kapur, Abhishekh ... and actually even the females ... zeenat aman, sush, antara, rani mukherjee ...

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  1. Oh yes, I remember reading this one. And, ditto about liking n actor/actress no one likes to begin with...then not caring so much for them when they got oh-so-popular :-)