on the road again

this time the time to go crept up on me totally unawares. what with this long illness and no net at home and the prolonge sick leave from work, theres a haze of unreality which did not let the facts seek in. i will be on the road for a few days now. will update as soon as i am in dubai and settled in. a few days and its off again, back in edinburgh on the 11th ... like they say, be careful what u wish for - every wish u didnt really want, will come true.

saw KANK and it blew my mind - the mirror effect! so, there must be enough malcontents like us out there for them to make a movie out of them. also, amazed at how faithfully he captured the minutae of an extra maritial relantionship, the bitterness, the little everyday hurts of living with a dead relationship ... though i could have lived w/o some of the humour

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