How do I know

how do i know
why the wind sighs
why the moon cries over the flowers
and leaves them silver with his tears

how do i know
why the moon smiles
when i dream at night
or why i dream of you, though i dont even know ur name

why the wind laughs
as it passes by
my window at night
am i calling out to you, even as i sleep?

how do i know
i dont know these things
like i dont know a lot of other things
why i cry at times, at times i laugh, or i sigh

how do i know?
why im feeling this way
i want to run and hide
i feel something new inside

draft ....
dont know what it is
but it makes me want to cry
i have a strange compulsion
i want to run and hide
i have a new obsession
i stare in spoace and sigh
if you knew, all about it
why my im feeling this way
perhaps u'd do,
something about it
and make it go away

its spring once more
the birds are singing
and partying all the time
its spring again
and the sun is shining
smiling all the while
the wind is singing
late at night
and the moon smiles with a gentle sigh
on the the cobbled walks of the city
echoing steps rap tunes merrily
as people walk home gayly

and im hit by a wave of nostalgia
or longing, or dementia

dont know what i miss, or who
maybe its something i havent met before

or an obscure desire
to feel again wire

which passes through ll living things
and ties them together as practical beings

the feeling of humanity
of connecting, being, living
of the pretenses of normality
their delusions of equality and their illusions of solidarity
or be back, amongst my kind
and our delusions of superiority

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