been feeling strange lately
dunno whats wrong
maybe im bewitched
do u cast spells with ur eyes?
was it just a trick of the light
or did you sound familiar in the night
brought to mind a very old friend
though im not sure if he was only, in m mind
dont get me wrong. theres no way, im thinking ur special
its just that u reminded me - of someone - i cant recall ever having known
and now that the sketch has been put in,
i feel lonely for the first time thinking of him
we'd run in the moonlight
we'd had our silly fights
we'd talked about everything
and nothingmaybe this is love
best of friends. confidante. someone each can lean on
someone to take for granted. to speak to in half formed sentances with
to gossip with in a single look
to consult with in just a glance, shot across a crowded room
just friends. best friends
yet sometimes ... well, never mind.
one and only, everlasting, overwhelming
maybe its a dream
and soon ill wake up
doesnt really matter now
cz ill never find out
i looked up and into ur eyes
saw what might be a lightning blaze
didnt wait, to find if im wrong
so im on the run again
catch me if u can
no one could. no one can
am i glad?
or am i sad?
ill never know
cz im born to run

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