the depression and the light

i thought depression was a bottomless pit of numbness. but the darkness is pierced by nameless dreads and burning anger
the dog follows me from room to room. does she want to guard my fleeting peace of mind
my favorite fairytale was always beauty and the beast. over the years i have found so many metaphors in it
the phone rang today, but it was too late. after a while even friendship will not pierce the scales on the skin
the wind howled and howled. where must it get all the spirit to mourn
heartbreak is so fragile. and nameless. yet it can shatter you - after many seasons
you are so good, and so beautiful. my heart aches to look in your eyes. can all your goodness dissolve the sin in my heart? or will i dissolve you in the acid of my nameless angst and bitterness of my self loathing
like a lone light in the night

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