Scotty, beam us up, fast!

Its been a while since I wrote something publicly

I feel like someone who sits on a bicycle after a long time wobbly and unsure confused about what to do next, and confused about why I am doing this scared of falling and scared of looking foolish and

And yet something about the memory of sailing through a wind feeling the breeze in your hair or being set free from something, and connected to something else

Perhaps that was the greatest lure of the blog-revolution - atleast for me
It was a device that allowed All the Lonely People, or all those discontents who,
for Some reason sought Something, outside of the Ordinary Everyday World, a way to escape into a shared Galaxy far away.
An illusion of a chance of finding friends who are a bit more like us

But we never knew quite what we meant by any of those Words - or atleast I did not

And we never thought that maybe like in the Lord of the Flies
we might find exactly the same things there that we ran away from,
because we carry the seeds within us


  1. Its so delicious to start a new blog again!! I made some of the closest connections by blogging. Its so exciting to sit in my chair and read other people's minds and have this secret friendship =D Plus NO ONE makes fun of anyone's posts. Because bloggers have the biggest hearts <3

  2. its fun to start a blog again. and somehow maybe most of all seek some kind of resonance