august came and went. left masks and muscles tired from clenching, and the cracks beginning to show

you keep dying
you die a million deaths
in every story
and every new person that dies
you die again
and now its almost time for you to die
like you die anyway, every year
and i wait
in tense anticipation
28 days to go
and then we'll die once more
this will be our last year
in this place you died with me
down the streets
by the church
in the highways
down highways and graves
where i waited
liar liar
promise breaker
wont you come back to me?
ghost of my haunting, dearly beloved
best friend, root, and gradener
how dare the years try to smudge
the lines of blood let
when the the burning sharpness of the pain
is the only real things i have left


1 comment:

  1. Sounds sad.
    We have each loved and lost ,I fear, or will!.