mera naam joker

there were so many things i had hated about the movie, but there is so much i have forgotten now. i really want to see it again. and hunchback of notre dame. can you really potray, for a uninvolved bystander, in words, or verse or pictures, the agony of the fool, the pain behind the frozen smile of the joker. or the howling anguish of the steppenwolf. well, atleast that one i can re-read, because I always have that with me.

there is something i have been wondering about. dreams. stories (in any form). empathy. what is the relation between them and the real experience. specially dreams. or virtual reality. how would that tie in with the arguments of consciousness and reductivity.

but then, as i almost failed my theories of mind paper, i guess i better keep shut about philosphy. but i wonder.

there are so many things that we wonder about, have theories about, think about. there's no way of knowing is there, who really is right?

An article on empathy


  1. Hi,Prero...that's something I wonder about too...the relationship between dreams,stories,empathy and the real's like wondering' is illusion not a reality?'..nice movies u want to see again...mera naam joker does make some sense,even in today's context.Re. things we wonder about-I usually find that what my instinct feels is correct,usually turns out to be so.

  2. I used to love that movie, it's funny how the best movies almnost never do well. Apparently the studio went bankrupt because of Mera Naam Joker.. but it was beautiful.
    I often wonder on this idea of a 'fool'.. more so, people calling others 'mad'...who decides that?
    You need one evening in a mental institution with a woman descibing the rings of Saturn to challenge your grasp of reality.. there's no such thing. Differing time frames force people to talk themselves into it.. and the fear of something you're taught not to see.

    You can see that I loved your post!

  3. what if thr is nothin "right". a philosophical theory which suggests that everything is not right. im not sayin they are wrong.....but just...not right. and ppl end up sayin...its right. then we land in a philosophy suggesting...even the theory is not right. again suggestin to us that nothin is right, similarly nothin is wrong. a philosophical cycle of disagreement.
    hence, no one is right when they ask: "who decides who is right?". but not wrong either.

  4. I always know that I'm right... the reason being nobody else feels what I feel or at least the way I experience it. Therefore, you too stick to your guns! :)

  5. Interesting reading.. I am never sure if I am 'right'.. lack of self confidence??

  6. Reality is defined by a group. Thats why some people are diagnosed as having schizophrenia (deviating from the norm). And there experiences are just as real - an alternate reality. Did I make sense? :P

  7. Empathy which translates into love... Just nearly.. To leave room enough for some more empathy. :)

  8. AmitL, yeah :)

    true! it's amazing how some stories trandescend time and culture

    Re. your instinct, thats good. for me i many times feel one way intuitively but then change my mind on more evidence.

    LostLittleGirl, "it's funny how the best movies almost never do well" - so true!

    But in the case of "Mera Naam Joker" they did make a lot of glaring errors too ... it was way too long - lots of parts could have been cut out ... but personally, I still loved it :D

    it was beautiful. you're right!

    yes. i agree. you should read gypsy boy at a new school some where in my archives. lol. not exactly same point, but i think u'd like it. it was inspired also by pereption of most people about a person who is different.

    but a fool, sometimes is just that: a fool. :D

    like suppandi ...

    veronika decides to die ...

    I'm glad you did like the post :)

    Cloud minus Nine, what if thr is nothin "right" ... including this statement? lol

    do you mean there is no right or wrong? maybe i agree. no black and white. but there is correct incorrect? sometimes? but then sometimes even maths problems can have more than one right answers. interesting line of thought. we should follow it up and think / talk some more on it

    Sudipta Chatterjee, "I always know that I'm right" ... courage of your convictions :)

    that can be a good thing. but then again it could work against you if you are wrong! no?

    Musings, depends on the situation and on how we define 'right'. what do you say?

    Soul in Transit, is reality really defined by a group?

    or do you mean majority?

    because otherwise you could just change the numbers to have a switch

    by the way, do you mean reality or right and wrong?

    the schizophrenia logic is the one given by the doc in 15 park avenue. interesting i thought it was.

    would be a interesting thought experiment to think about it.

    you make loads of sense :)

    Anansi, beautifully said about empathy. But in this case i was wondering aloud more about mirror neurons type empathy :)

  9. Oh I very much meant that reality is decided by majority. The statistical model says reality is what the majority decides and the social model says reality is what is accepted in social norms. in any case its a number game. Everything 'reality' 'right' and 'wrong' is a slippery surface to walk on....
    You know you should watch this movie on schizophrenia - DEVRAI. It's a marathi movie but its haunting. And talking about alternate reality some people and societies believe schizophrenia is actually 'shamanism'. again the question who defines reality...

  10. Soul in Transit, interesting. I'll see the movie :)