i could have told you vincent ....

van gogh:
bridge in the rain
courting couples in the voyer d'argenson
the harvest
wheat field 1988
the sower
st pauls hospital garden
branches of an almond tree in blossom (gift for theo's son)
the reaper
wheatfield with crows
wheatfield with poppies
wheatfield under the clouds
view of auvers
farmhouse at auvers

other artists i liked there
preitenger van dongen

paul serusier
edouard vuillard
pierre bonnard
felix vallotton
josef israils
herder shephard
odilon redon
floris vester
lepere auguste
george breitner hendrik

i was amazed by the boldness of a painting of a lady called Gus - Augusta.

caveat - the names are all from my (very) hastily scribbled notes at the museum during a very rushed and cursory run through it. Half of which time I was too tired to be thinking straight. so, i expect i got a lot of them wrong!

i left wanting to find out more about the relationship between him and gaugin. about his 'voices'. and to think about why he volunteered to go to St Pauls and how he felt after that. did he feel trapped. also want to read his letters to emile bernard.


"for you, the public, it is really done. i think that saying is true: For you the public, it is really done"

Vincent to Theo, Nov 1882

"I feel a failure. That is my destiny, which I accept and which will never chnage"
27 July 1890. Vincent Van Gogh Stichting.

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